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What The Children Say

At BLJS we strongly believe that the children's voices should be heard! Here are some of things the children say about their school! Including a little introduction to themselves by our head girl and boy!

We also have a series of school blogs which you can find by clicking on the image below!

Year 5 Podcast to Year 3

Year 5 podcast to Year 3

Students talk about the the role of head boy and head girl


Hi I am Cameron and I’m Head boy at Boughton Leigh Junior School. I am  trying to make BLJS reach it’s maximum potential. I will try to make the school litter free and a more fun place to learn. I would like to stop bullying and make the school dinners better so everyone can enjoy a nice lunch. I am really grateful that everybody voted for me, and gave me the opportunity to be your Head Boy.



I love school because all the teachers, are really nice same with the students..... (Year 5)


I am proud of my work that I did today, english and maths..... (Kiera)

I like the fun clubs in school like radio club and choir.... (Ella)

I like this school it rocks like Mr G.....(Year 5)

Maths Questionnaire

Click on the link and answer a few questions about maths!

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Pupil Questionnaire

click on the link and answer a few questions about the school   



Hi, I am Mary-Anne and I am Head Girl here at Boughton Leigh Junior School. I desire for our school to reach our full capability. When I campaigned to the school, I said that not only the ‘House of Parliament’s’ voices should be heard; the whole voice of the school should be taken into account for our school. During school, I would want our school to be exciting and fun for pupils and staff. I am so grateful and honoured that multiple children at BLJS voted for me and have given me the opportunity to be Head Girl and to make our school a better place. 



I like all the awesome trips :D............. (Harley )

I am proud of myself of doing good work in all subjects!...... (Will)

Real PE is so great it’s amazingly fun and I love skoolbo... ( James)

I like school because I like learning new things..... (Nicola)