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Welcome Boughton Leigh Junior School

School is open for all children of key workers who have no other option from Monday to Friday. Please email or call 01788 577914 for more details. If you have any safeguarding concerns, please contact the school office or admin2590 as they are checking phones daily. Please mark as: Safeguarding Urgent and the information will be forwarded to a DSL. We have posted a variety of activities for the children to enjoy at home on our Home Learning Page. Make sure you have installed the school app for all the latest updates.

School Policies

 In accordance with statutory guidance from the Department of Education, the following school polices are available on this website.


Teaching & Learning Policies

Homework Policy

SMSC/British Values Policy


Inclusion Policies

SEN(D) Policy

Equality Policy

Accessibility Plan

SEN(D) information report



 Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 


Data Protection

Data Protection


SafeGuarding & Child Protection

Behaviour Policy

COVID appendix to Behaviour Policy

Governors Behaviour Statement

Anti-Bullying Policy

E-Safety & Acceptable Use Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding - Summary of key principles for staff & parents

Use Of Images Guidance

Coping With Bereavement



School Management

Admission Arrangements/Policy

Attendance Policy

Guidance: Leave Of Absence During Term Time

Charging & Remissions Policy

Complaints Policy

Exclusion Policy

Link To County Admission Arrangements Site

Lettings Policy

School Meal Debt Policy



If, as parent of a pupil
attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide
this free of charge.