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School is open for all children of key workers who have no other option from Monday to Friday. Please email or call 01788 577914 for more details. If you have any safeguarding concerns, please contact the school office or admin2590 as they are checking phones daily. Please mark as: Safeguarding Urgent and the information will be forwarded to a DSL. We have posted a variety of activities for the children to enjoy at home on our Home Learning Page. Make sure you have installed the school app for all the latest updates.

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TikTok Guidance

12 February 2020 (by admin)

Social Media advice

There has been much coverage recently in the media regards TikTok. Our Computing Coordinator and E-Safety Lead has looked into this social media platform and is quite rightly concerned about it. Please follow the link to view guidance offered by the Safer Internet Group and be aware that users of this platform are not currently safe, no matter what their settings are. Can we also remind you that the age restriction on this is 13+.

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