Boughton Leigh Junior School

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Welcome Boughton Leigh Junior School

The school will close for the half term break today (Friday 16th Feb) reopening on 26th. Please download our brand new school app using the links at the bottom of this page. As the weather is turning colder please ensure that your child wears a coat for school! We will be outside for breaks and lunchtimes so warm clothing is essential! A reminder that disabled parking bays on site are always in demand. Please do not use them unless you have a blue badge registered in your name. Due to a severe nut allergy we are a ‘nut free’ school, this includes any product containing nuts or trace of.

How Are They Doing?

Questions we are often asked by parents include 'How is my child doing?", "What should my child be able to do?", "Can you tell me what to teach them at home?".

To try and address these and some other questions here you will find the official guidance from Government with regards to targets etc. and the targets we set the children by subject and year group.