Boughton Leigh Junior School

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Welcome Boughton Leigh Junior School

Welcome back to the final half term of this academic year! Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school. Please use the links on the website to download our new app. It's a great way to keep up to date with everything that's happening in school! The school is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, volunteers and parents to share this commitment. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school, including 'outside' trainers and warm kit! A reminder that disabled parking bays on site are always in demand. Please do not use them unless you have a blue badge registered in your name. Due to a severe nut allergy we are a ‘nut free’ school, this includes any product containing nuts or trace of.


At Boughton Leigh Junior School we are fortunate to have a enthusiastic and inventive staff which combines youthful energy with many years of teaching experience. Their continued hard work, flexible nature and love of teaching has allowed the school not only to create an imaginative and enjoyable curriculum but also to offer a wide variety of extra curricular activities to broaden further children's opportunities. This commintment and enthusiasm has been recognised with two of our staff members being awarded Specialist Leader in Education status. Each teacher's area of responsibility is shown in italics.

The Management:

Mrs Duynstee (Head Teacher)

Mrs Hunter (Deputy Head)

Mrs Boaler (Assistant Head)

Mrs O'Dell (Business Manager)

Mrs Brown (SENCO)

Year 3 Teaching Team:

Mrs Marsay, S.L.E. (Year Group Head, Acting Ast. Head, PE,)

Mrs Cox (SRE/SMSC/ School Parliament)

Mrs Beck (Maths)

Mrs Hanif-Hussain (D.T.)

Ms Rudd (Art, Nurture, British Values)

Mrs Brown (SENCO)


Year 4 Teaching Team

Miss Drake (Year group head, Topic )

Miss Hobday (Dance, EVC)

Ms Ormston (School Parliament)

Mrs Sinclair (Achievement for All, Science)

Mrs Boaler (AHT)


PPA Team

Mrs Philo (RE)

Mr Gaskell S.L.E.(Computing/ICT)

Mr Murataj ( EVC, MFL)*

Mrs Allen


The Launchpad

Mrs Brown (SENCO)

Mrs Arnold 

Miss Tomkins (Specialist TA)

Mrs Onfroy (Specialist TA)

Mr Farinha (TA)

Mr Cripps (TA)

Miss Cutler (Specialist Teacher)

Teaching Assistants:


Mrs Clowes

Mr Cripps

Mrs Dedman (Food Tech/Gardening)

Mrs Ellis

Mrs Evans

Mr Farinha (EAL Lead)

Mrs Hadley 

Miss Hall

Mrs Hodder

Mrs McGrath

Mrs Onfroy

Mrs Scholes

Mr Stonell

Miss Tomkins 

Mrs Warren

Miss Warriner




Year 5 Teaching Team:

Miss Coulson (Year Group Head, English, GPAS)

Mrs Campbell (Achievement for All, School Parliament)

Mrs Pollard (Science) 

Mrs Eggleston

Mrs Plumbley


Year 6 Teaching Team:

Mrs Lindstrom (Year group head, Healthy School)

Mrs Combes (Writing)

Mrs Hunter (DHT)

Miss Goode (GPAS, School Parliament)

Miss Rhodes (School Council/ MAGaT)



SEN Team

Mrs Brown (SENCO)

Mrs Rudd (Nurture teacher)

Mrs Arnold (Inclusion manager)

Mrs Khan (Behaviour/Learning Mentor/Attendance Lead)

Mrs Micklewright (Behaviour/Lead Learning Mentor)

Mr Trezise (TA for Nurture)


In The Offices:
Mrs To (Admin Team Leader)

Mrs Owens (Admin Assistant)
Mrs Bramley (Attendance Officer)

Mrs Warriner (Admin Assistant, PTA lead)

Mrs Doczi (Admin Assistant)


Midday Supervisors: 

Mrs Magdij (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Miss Davies

Mrs Harrison

Mrs Ryder-Wood

Mrs Warren

Mr Stonell



* Currently on maternity leave