Boughton Leigh Junior School

Inspiring the minds of the next generation

Welcome Boughton Leigh Junior School

A quick reminder that today is the last day of term for the children! Tomorrow, Friday 21st July, is a training day so please don't send them in!!! School finishes for the summer term at end of day Thursday 20th July and reopens for the children on Tuesday 5th September.


At Boughton Leigh Junior School we are fortunate to have a enthusiastic and inventive staff which combines youthful energy with many years of teaching experience. Their continued hard work, flexible nature and love of teaching has allowed the school not only to create an imaginative and enjoyable curriculum but also to offer a wide variety of extra curricular activities to broaden further children's opportunities. Each teacher's area of responsibility is shown in italics.

The Management!

Mrs Duynstee (Head)

Mrs Mehta (Acting Deputy Head)

Mrs Boaler (Assistant Head)

Year 3 Teaching Team

 Mrs Hanif-Hussain (DT) 3 Murphy

Mrs Rudd (Art Nurture) 3 Murphy

Mrs Pollard (Science) 3 Strong

Mrs Cox (SRE)   3 King Smith

Mrs Sinclair   3 King Smith

Miss Coulson (GPAS) 3 Deary


Year 4 Teaching Team

Mrs Boaler (Data & Assessment/Behaviour) 4 Morpurgo

Miss Gaga (MfL/EVC) 4 Nimmo

Miss Hobday  4 Tomlinson

Miss Goode (School Council) 4 Dickens 


PPA Team

Mrs Plumbley (Music)

Mrs Philo (HLTA)

Mr Gaskell (Computing/ICT /More Able)

Mrs Brown (SENCO)

Mr Collins



The Office Team

Mrs MacSwan

Mrs Bramley

Mrs Owens

Mrs Horsman-Gray

Mrs Doczi

Mr Vipond

Year 5 Teaching Team

Mrs Combes (English) 5 Rowling

Mrs Sinclair (5 Rowling)

Miss Wain (School Council) 5 Pullman

Mrs Beck (Maths/SMSC/British Values) 5 Horowitz

Mr Pattison (5 Eliot) 




Year 6 Teaching Team

Mrs Mehta (Pupil Premium/Writing Moderation/Y6 Data/Policy Programme) 6 Laureate

Mrs Bowler-Smith (AFA) 6 Tolkien

Miss Rhodes (School Council) 6 Kipling

Miss Drake (Topic) 6 Lewis

Mrs Marsay (PE) 6 Fine


Dahl Room

Mrs Davis


School Business Manager

Mrs D O'Dell